We know that mr. Magès and his team  invented the hydropneumatic system; his experiences push the suspension to contrastate the centrifugal force when the car pass a curve. This system, called “antigite” (based on a phisical principle) was ready to work but wasn't fitted on the cars. 

This prototype DS fit the Mages's "antigite" system:   in a curve the car remain parallel to the road.

After 40 jears the same principle (but electronically based) was adopted on the Xantia Activa .

Those are the known Citröcars with active suspension and they both stay parallel to the ground, not taking care of the fundamental problem of side forces.

............however there's one unknown story about the reaction against the centrifugal force:  the story of the DS19 prototype with Mr Lindblom's patented suspension system, that automatically inclined the car body up to 9 degrees into the bend when driving in a curve.............


 mr. Julius Lindblom  

from Stockholm in Sweden worked indipendently since the 1930's to resolve the centrifugal reaction problem in vehicles, using just his personal resource - brain, arms and money.....

In the end of the 1950's he fit his patented hydraulic self adjusting system on a 1958 DS19, that run correctly, reacting to the curve inclining the car body  into the bend with up to 9 degrees.

 the car in action    (image from an original film)



Some  pictures from the 1970's: mr Lindblom show the reaction of his prototype DS19: left curve, strait and right curve.

The Lindblom suspension patented was never commercialized for cars (however it is now being used in high speed trains).  

The hydraulic self adjusting system was demounted from the DS19 in the end of the 1970's, and the incredible tilting DS19 returned to being a simple, old DS19.........

This story has a happy ending: now the car is in the hands of Mikael Thelin, it's a wonderful well preserved, symple & old DS19 of 1958 called "Hjulius" and mr. Julius Lindblom, now 93 years old, smiles at us with his wife, remembering the incredible anti centrifugal system he worked on during most of his active life..

Congratulations, mr. Lindblom !

(and thanks Mikael, too)


If you want to read more, see old photos & film about the story of Julius (the man) & Hjulius (the car), clik on the button below


the fotos are courtesly from  mr. M.Thelin, that revised the text, too.


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