"CITRONPAPER.IT" č un sito personale senza fini di lucro, il cui unico fine č condividere una passione.

"CITRONPAPER.IT" est un site personnel sans but lucratif dont le seul but est de faire partager une passion.

"CITRONPAPER.IT" is a personal website without lucrative purpose; it's only aim is to share a passion.



My name is Piero,  I'm living with my wife Luisa in a countryside of NW Italy; compatibly with our knowledge & hability, we like to work directly on our "Citr'olds" car for its restauration & maintenance. 


DS20 pallas bvh '74 - brun scarabče

Eurocitro '03, Le Mans


DS20 familiale bvm5 '75- blu laguna

ICCCR '04, Interlaken


DS21 i.e.pallas bvm '72- sable met.

DSJubilče '05, Paris


Acadiane '79

2cv world meeting '03, Vinadio


2cv AZAM centrifugue 01-'64

..... we're working on




we're member of                




I'm just a Citr'old's cars owner that like to know more; I'm here simply for share my passion.


In this web-archive you can see some of the citrodocs that's sleeping in my confortable archive.......... my docs aren't here for sale! (but I'm interested to the ones that miss in my collection)

'cause web's pirates, I've put on each image the string "free from CITRONPAPER.IT", so 'll be laborious copy or sell the results of my work .......

Note that all trademarks are of it's owner, I've simply in my archive one piece of each doc that you can see here; I'm happy to trade the doubles.

Some of my docs are or 'll be downloadable for free at www.lesds.it , a friendship website.

I'm disponible for collaborations with other serious website, magazine or who work about old Citroen's history.

If you find problem running this website, please write me (in italian, english or french) to help me to adjust the mistakes.


  Thanks to our wifes ! 


(the angelfish is opera of mr. Andrč François)